The first Gendarmerie Officer School was established in Thessalonica in 1904 with the purpose of meeting the personnel requirement of the Gendarmerie up to the founding date of The Rescript of Gülhane in 1839. In this school, education and training activities were carried out for the purpose of training Gendarmerie officers.
After the declaration of Second Constitutionalist Period and Movement Army’s coming to İstanbul in 1908, the Gendarmerie Officer School in Thessalonica was transferred to Yıldız Palace as well and the school has continued its education activities at this place since 1910.
Gendarmerie Officer School which provided education in the buildings of İstanbul’s various districts was moved to Ankara with its same organization in 1922 and came into operation in Etlik.
The school building in Etlik has become inadequate over time. A building which is now used as a secondary school in Izmit was approved as a school and the school was transferred to Izmit in 1922,and it has engaged in activity for two years. Because this building did not even fulfil the needs, the school was transferred to Ebuzziya Köşkü in the vicinity of the station in Konya in 1924.
In 1930, with the Gendarmerie Law No. 1706, the Gendarmerie Officer School was abolished, the school's student source in the old law and regulations was totally abolished, and from 1935 onwards it was stipulated that the gendarmerie officer need was met by the Military Academy graduate officers.
Because of the necessity to train gendarmerie officers who graduated from the Military Academy in accordance with the characteristics of the profession, it was considered necessary to open a new branch school where gendarmerie professional knowledge is given and it was planned that the Gendarmerie Officer School would come into operation in a building that would be used jointly with Police Institute on Ankara Gençlik Street.
In 1935, 29 officers from the lieutenants who had completed the Military School were assigned to gendarmerie branch, since the school's construction was not finished, these officers completed their education and training at the Gendarmerie General Commandership building. The main school building was completed in 1937 then was put into service. The second term gendarmerie officers had been taught in this building since October 1937.
On April 24, 1979, the Gendarmerie Officer Drill School in Anıttepe was moved to  Güvercinlik Quarters, the unit was named as Gendarmerie Schools Command by merging with Gendarmerie Non- Commissioned Preparation School  and with Branch Schools Command,
In 1997, Gendarmerie Officer Branch School was moved from Güvercinlik to Beytepe Martyr Lieutenant General İsmail SELEN Quarters in which the school has still been located.
The Gendarmerie Schools Command was abolished with the Decree No. 669 published in the Official Journal dated July 31, 2016, in accordance with Article 13 / A of the Decree No. 2803 Law on the Organization, Duties and Authorities of  Gendarmerie and then The Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy was established. Within this scope, it was organised to train officers in the Officer Training Center (OTC) and within the Faculty.
The developing and changing social conditions, in addition to the on-duty gendarmerie staff comprising of officers and noncommissioned officers there occurred  the need for a special gendarmerie branch. Specialist Gendarmerie Sergeant School which was opened to educate specialist gendarmerie branch that would carry out law enforcement service professionally engaged in an activity in Emirdağ between the years 1961 and 1963.Willing and successful specialized sergeants and privates who graduated at least from primary school got accepted into this school. At the end of one year education and training, they graduated as special gendarmerie sergeant, but the continuity of graduation couldn’t be maintained.
The 1st and 2nd graders of Gendarmerie Noncommissioned Officer School which had education for two years until 1966 and for three years from 1966 to 1972 continued to operate in Afyonkarahisar / Emirdag until 1970.
In 1970, Gendarmerie Noncommissioned Officer School started its instruction in new service buildings in Güvercinlik and the students that the school needed were accepted from among middle school graduates by examination.
According to the amendment made on August 9, 1972 the Gendarmerie Noncommissioned Officer School located within the school whose name was changed to Gendarmerie Officer Preparation and Branch Schools Command, was reorganized as a three-year school, and students from middle and their equivalents and high school and equivalents along with the middle school class  were accepted to this school by examination.
After the re-creation of the specialist gendarmerie branch in 1988, Ankara Specialist Gendarmerie School and Emirdağ Specialist Gendarmerie School were put into operation.
In 1991, the Gendarmerie Noncommissioned Officer Preparatory School which was the source of the Gendarmerie Noncommissioned Officer Branch School was shut down.
As of 1992, the Gendarmerie Noncommissioned Branch Officer School had started to accept students only from specialist gendarme sergeants; but, again, in 1997 civilian reserve students were accepted to the school at a certain rate.
In 1997, Ankara and Emirdag Specialist Gendarmerie Schools were merged and transferred to Ankara / Beytepe Gendarmerie Schools Command.
The Gendarmerie Officer Branch School in Güvercinlik, Ankara, was also moved to Beytepe in February 1999.The Gendarmerie Noncommissioned Officer Branch School was transformed into Gendarmerie Noncommissioned Officer Vocational High School in 2003-2004 education period and the duration of education was extended to two years. In addition, Gendarmerie Noncommissioned Officer Basic Course whose students would be accepted from faculty and vocational high school and would be educated for a period of one year was put into operation within Gendarmerie Schools Command on September 1, 2003.
The education of female noncommissioned officers was started at Gendarmerie Schools Command on March 03, 2003.
Specialist Gendarmerie School was shut down in 2012.
With the Decree No. 669 published in the Official Journal dated July 31, 2016, in accordance with Article 13 / A of the Decree No. 2803 Law on the Organization,Duties and Authorities of the Gendarmerie, The Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy was established by abolishing Gendarmerie Schools Command. Within this scope, the school was reorganized to train non-commissioned officers at the Petty Officers Training Center (POTC) and Vocational High School (VHS)
Before the establishment of GCGA,  Training Process of Coast Guard Branch Noncommissioned Officers:
 Before the GCGA was established, following the protocol with the Naval Forces Command, the students who were candidates for the Coast Guard Branch graduated with the rank of sergeant from the Naval Officer Vocational High School after a 2-year education and then participated in the "Cg Noncommissioned Officer Basic Training" at the Coast Guard School Command; the successful trainees were assigned to the troops they would serve in the coast guard command and started their duties.

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