International Students

Within Education and Cooperation Agreements, International students attending from allied countries provide  important contribution to the improvement of relations between Turkey and represented countries by getting training in Gendarmerie and Cost Guard Academy. 

          Training language in Academy is Turkish. International students are required to have a C1 level Turkish .

            There is no difference between international and Turkish students about passing score and discipline matters.




1- Academy Facilities.

2- Ongoing Courses/Trainings.

3- Completed Courses/Trainings.

4- Social Activities.

5- Contact Information.

Jandarma ve Sahil Güvenlik Akademisi
İncek Şehit Savcı Mehmet Selim Kiraz Bulvarı
06805 Beytepe, Çankaya/ANKARA
Tel: 0 (312) 464 74 74 (Santral)
Fax: 0 (312) 464 46 77

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