The Black Sea Coast/Border Guard Co-Operation Forum

 BSCF Leaders Meetings were initiated in 2000 under Turkey's initiative and  leadership , and with the participations of Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

 " The Black Sea Coast/Border Guard Co-Operatİon  Forum (BSCF)" was established on the basis of the decisions taken and signed at the 7th  Black Sea  Border / Coast Guard Leaders' Meeting between the dates 07 - 09 November 2006  in Istanbul.


Some of the founding purposes of the BSCF are as follows:

• To develop peace and stability in the region on the basis of confidence and security between the  Black Sea coastal States, • Develop existing co-operation between the Border / Coast Guard Organizations to prevent smuggling of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their derivatives, ammunition, explosives, toxic, heavy radioactive substances and oil , irregular migration, terrorism and other illegal activities, and to strengthen the navigation safety and security at the Black Sea, • To establish co-operation so as to protect the natural resources of the Black Sea and in order to prevent violations of fishing rules and marine pollution and to make search and rescue activities more effective through close coordination and cooperation.

Under the BSCF agreement, the following activities are held each year among the member states:
• Visits between the Union, Headquarters and Institutions,
• Binary / Multilateral Meetings,
• Sending observers to military exercises,
• Providing training to the relevant States' staff about the Coast Guard duties at the training institutions affiliated to the Coast Guard Command,
• Personnel exchange,

• Boat cross-port visits.

The "17th Leaders' Meeting" under the BSCF was held in Burgas / Bulgaria from 29 November to 01 December 2016. With the aforementioned meeting, the BSCF presidency was transferred from the Russian Federation to Bulgaria.

 Within the scope of BSCF activities ; in Turkey  "Maritime Security and Safety of Navigation in the Black Sea", in Bulgaria "Improving the Situation Analysis towards military operation and Information Exchange" in Romania "Early Joint Development of a System for the diagnosis of Unlawful Activities" and in the Russian Federation BSCF Working Group Meetings on "Information Exchange and Improvement of Information Systems via Automatic Information Exchange System (AIES)" are also being carried out.

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